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Building a community of young lives changed by Jesus Christ.


  1. Christ Centered: We believe that communicating the Gospel must be the driving force behind all of our programs. (Romans 5:8)

  2. Communities: We believe that building communities of young lives is essential for growth and maturity of our students. (I John 1:7)

  3. Conversions: Our desire is to ultimately lead students to Christ and disciple them to be more like Christ. (James 4:8)

  4. Culturally Relevant: We believe we must strive to understand our students’ world for the purpose of reaching them effectively. (Acts 17:17)

  5. Comprehensive Change: We desire to see holistic change in each student’s life. We desire to see the Gospel go from their head to their heart and displayed throughout their life. (2 Corinthians 5:17)


We Are Passionate For The Kids of Lebanon

We are missionaries to the children and community of Lebanon City. We pour our time, energy and talents out on their behalf. We seek to serve them with excellence.

We Are On a Mission Together

We know that each member of the team has been called to this mission together. We constantly support and encourage each other in our personal and ministerial lives.

We Have A Thirst To Learn and Grow

We recognize that we must continually improve and get better for the good of the youth we serve. We strive to strengthen our walk with God and the level of excellence of our programming. We do this through actively pursuing Christ and being lifelong learners.

We Are Open Handed

We recognize that this ministry and all our resources belong to God. As such, we are wise stewards who willingly share our resources for the sake of God’s Kingdom.

We Are Servant Leaders

In all situations, we seek to serve Christ, the children and youth, and each other. We share power and recognition, put the needs of others first, and willingly do tasks even when they go unnoticed or are not in our job description.

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